Wine bar

Since 2005 a meeting place for the locals, artists and guests from all over the world. Now equipped with the latest system to taste wines. Live a unique wine tasting experience, choosing from 44 open wines / champagne, perhaps accompanied by some culinary delight. We have thought about everything: we´re the right place also for the traditional Viennese strudel, that must be enjoyed with a good coffee.
Get involved in the wine world: let your palate choose which wine is the best one for you.
The quantity of wine to drink is up to you: we can assure you that through our next-generation system the wines will always be fresh and chilled exactly at the right point.
We are always able to offer a wide selection of wines, and the possibility to have the entire bottle served in the bar area at the retail price + € 8.90 including 1 bottle of sparkling mineral water, 0,7 l.
Here it´s also possible to make a surprise to your friends or business colleagues by inviting them to a tasting. With our "Magic Card" you always know beforehand how much you´ll pay and your guests will freely choose what to drink on their preferences!