Our wines

In order to meet the needs of a more about wine acknowledged target, we discovered a simple and elegant solution. The new "Villon" appears in 2016 as a wine bar at the forefront, giving the chance to the clients to taste 44 open wines and champagne.
Including wines offered as whole bottle, we can offer more than 100 different wines.

We give the opportunity to our visitors to get a complete picture of what concerns Austrian wines. How? Our wine dispensing system "Enomatic” and our audio guides will help you out.
The dispensers "Enomatic” pour wine from the bottle into the glass. The noble gas avoids changes in the body of the wine, normally caused by the presence of oxygen. The wine remains qualitatively perfect for a longer time after the opening, as if it had just been opened. In this way, we can offer a wider choice of open wines without any loss of quality, and always served at the right temperature. Information about them are available at your fingertips in different languages.

However, the real novelty lies in the possibility of tasting through this amazing technology also champagne, in our special bar dedicated to it.

Wine quality

We like to be out of line: we always look for quality and innovation, today as in the last 10 years.
That´s why we rely not only onto the "big names" or to wines of little interest, but we like to invest our time looking also for particular varieties produced by small farmers. We believe that enjoying a good wine should be an adventure to approach with curiosity. We have an eye for winemakers who opt for biodynamic and organic farming (www.demeter.at), or for those who engage in the production of rare and special varieties. The wine dispensing system "Enomatic" guarantees the best quality possible in wine storage, keeping the temperature constant until the last wine drop. Only through this system we can guarantee such a wide choice of open wines.

Not only wine

Of course, in Austria we don´t have just wine and grapes: our farmers produce from the best fruit also our delicious organic juices. Pure by nature.

Water in Vienna

It´s pretty clear now: we love wine. But what would we do without water?
Only to a few people on earth the privilege of sufficient pure water is granted.
Therefore we think it´s right to enhance this precious good also here in Vienna.
Our water, cool and refreshing, flows from the tap as transparent gold.
If you like to try something unusual, try to play with our bronze bowl at the entrance: by rubbing your hands on the handles, the water slowly begins to "jump"!