We´re in the heart of the city, more precisely in the Habsburgergasse, direct on the Graben, in one of the oldest Baroque buildings. With its ancient vaults, our cellar is first mentioned already in 1701. Back then it was an inn called "Burgundian Cross".
The cellars of the building is divided into 4 floors for a total depth of 16 meters. It has been estimated that the walls are even older, being about 500 years old. Therefore they have experienced the ''era of the Turks. "
In the first half of the twentieth century in some of the Vienna cellars, included ours, people used to store poultry and game in order to sell them on the markets.
In the second half instead it became the red-light local "Opiumhöhle", i.e. “The opium den" where it was possible to free the wildest desires. In 2004 we started our renovations, and the Asian-style and suffused nightclub became our Villon wine bar, since 2005 a meeting point in Vienna for artists and guests from around the world.

Francois Villon – damned poet

Chosen by history as the greatest French poet of the Middle Ages, alongside its activities he was also said to be a drunkard and womanizer.
His verses tell about facts of sin, art, love, hate, despair, anger, devotion and derision. This impetuous and contradictory personality accompanied him to the grave.