Historic cellar


The Erotic side of Vienna - Opiumhöhle  ("Opium cave")

"Every man knew it, and all of us have been there at least once". Through this simple sentence it is possible to describe in a few words what the Opiumhöhle was. Opiumhöhle was the name of this place from the second half of last century until 2004. Not only a simple nightclub, but a paradise of pleasure.
Through the reconstruction of one of the many club booths we can offer a glimpse of that time.


Air-raid shelter

In these wineries it was not only made excellent wine. There were difficult times during the Second World War, in which the cellars of Vienna served for citizens as shelters from the bombings. Try to feel the fear that reigned here in those days, when people who looked for shelter here could just wait that everything would pass in silence.
We are able to provide an accurate picture of how our cellar looked like at that time through a reconstruction performed with original pieces in collaboration with the well-known historian Dr. Marcello La Speranza.