Bacchus and the innkeeper are pleased to welcome you in the Villon wine cellar.

Villon - Winebar, Shop and Historical Cellar.


We´re in the heart of the city, more precisely in the Habsburgergasse, direct on the Graben, in one of the oldest Baroque buildings. With its ancient vaults, our cellar is first mentioned already in 1701. Back then it was an inn called "Burgundian Cross".
The cellars of the building is divided into 4 floors for a total depth of 16 meters. It has been estimated that the walls are even older, being about 500 years old. Therefore they have experienced the ''era of the Turks. "
In the past it was possible to find in this cellar a large number of presses; so it goes without saying that today you can taste here the best Austrian wines.
The Villon wine bar has been for more than 10 years a meeting place for artists, Viennese people and visitors from all over the world. It sounds interesting, doesn´t it?
At the entrance you will receive our "magic card" and the audio guide available in several languages, which will accompany you through the floors of this cellar.

Pets - our contribution to the protection of animals.

We love animals, but we believe that they do not fit in a bar like ours. We thank you for your understanding, also in name of the animals.